What to Eat When You Don't Eat Animals: menus and ideas to inspire people who want to eat as if life is precious


What To Eat When You Donít Eat Animals! A guide for vegans and not-yet vegans!


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Last Updated June 2022

Originally created by Veda Stram in 1992, this revised and expanded 2022 version is the result of a wonderfully fruitful collaboration with David Hoey/80spopanimals.com.

"Growing into veganism is a journey of discovery and awareness. It's an education that fortunately other vegans are happy to support. You will find What to Eat When You Donít Eat Animals: menus and ideas to inspire people to eat as if life is precious is a great help to you to create a better life for you and the individuals from other species you have freed from human oppression. Written by an iconic vegan, you can trust what you read."
~ Will Anderson, GreenVegans

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This guide is for you ifÖ

  • You are an animal lover and therefore want to eat in a way that respects ALL ANIMALS
  • You want to eat delicious, nurturing, inexpensive, healthy meals that are easy to prepare
  • Youíve always wondered, ďWhat do vegans eat?Ē
  • You are vegetarian or already cutting back on eating animal products, and you want to go vegan but you donít know how
  • You think that youíll have to give up cheese, ice cream, and burgers if you go vegan (You will be amazed at all of the scrumptious vegan versions of everything!)
  • You want to improve your health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of your friends, your family, other humans, and all animals
  • You want to do your part to end our climate catastrophe
  • You are already vegan and always overjoyed to find more vegan goodies
  • You want to make a consequential difference for our world with every bite

To be clear, a vegan is someone who chooses not to participate in any form of animal abuse, exploitation, or slaughter, which includes abstaining from using, wearing, and consuming all animal products, such as dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, wool, leather, silk, feathers, skin, and fur. Vegans avoid all forms of animal exploitation. Simply stated, veganism is not just about food: It is an ethical stance for total liberation of ALL CREATURES.


What youíll find here...

In this guide you will find lots of ideas, menus, product suggestions, and advice about what to eat when you donít eat animals! This resource is designed to get you thinking about whatís abundantly available for you to eat that doesnít come from unimaginable suffering and utter devastation. You might be amazed at how many fruits and vegetables you will learn to prepare in a myriad of new ways. Find links to thousands of vegan cookbooks and literally millions of vegan recipes online! That is, if you love to cook, which I DONíT.

This guide is about easy, delicious, satisfying vegan meals, and includes lots of menus, so that you can see how varied, satisfying, and "easy breezy" it is to be vegan. Also included are product brand names, which are in bold and linked to websites, so that you can order them online, find them at locations near you, and request that your local stores and restaurants carry them.

To the best of our knowledge, all products in this guide are vegan. We have included companies and brands that provide only vegan products, but, unfortunately, some of them are owned by corporations that sell animal products and/or test on animals; you will have to decide for yourself which brands you purchase.

In this guide you will also find irrefutable, horrifying, and powerful facts about the consequences of our food choices onÖoh, just the entire world!

Thank you for making a difference with every bite! 

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