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Hain Pure Protein Corporation

Address: 220 N.Center St, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p533

USDA Inspection Report: 27 Feb 2012

Code: 06D02
Violation: 381.76(a), 381.76(b)

Citation: On February 27, 2012, at approximately 1320 hours, I performed a presentation verification task at the second inspection station. At a line speed of [redacted] birds per minute (bpm), presentation failed with a 10 bird nonconformance weight of 31. This failure consisted of 1 viscera below wing (12 nonconformance factors each), 2 membrane (2 nonconformance factors each), 3 parts inside (1 nonconformance factor each), 2 contaminations inside bird (6 nonconformance factors each). I immediately notified (1st Processing Manager) of my findings, I also requested that QA perform presentation retests. QA failed the retest at 1331 hrs and the line speed was reduced to [redacted] bpm. Establishment management has received oral and written notification concerning this noncompliance. Continued failure to meet regulatory requirements can lead to additional enforcement actions as described in 9 CFR Part 500.


381.76(a) A post-mortem inspection shall be made on a bird-by-bird basis on all poultry eviscerated in an official establishment. No viscera or any part thereof shall be removed from any poultry processed in any official establishment, except at the time of post-mortem inspection, unless their identify with the rest of the carcass is maintained in a manner satisfactory to the inspector until such inspection is made. Each carcass to be eviscerated shall be opened so as to expose the organs and the body cavity for proper examination by the inspector and shall be prepared immediately after inspection as readyto- cook poultry. If a carcass is frozen, it shall be thoroughly thawed before being opened for examination by the inspector. Each carcass, or all parts comprising such carcass, shall be examined by the inspector, except for parts that are not needed for inspection purposes and are not intended for human food and are condemned.

381.76(b) Presentation: Each inspector shall be flanked by an establishment employee assigned to be the inspector’s helper. The one inspector on the SIS–1 line shall be presented every bird. Each inspector on the SIS–2 line shall be presented every other bird on the line. An establishment employee shall present each bird to the inspector properly eviscerated with the back side toward the inspector and the viscera uniformly trailing or leading. Each inspector shall inspect the inside, viscera, and outside of all birds presented.


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