Putting Glass Walls on Pennsylvania Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Hain Pure Protein Corporation

Address: 220 N.Center St, Fredricksburg, PA 17026
Establishment No.: p533

USDA Inspection Report: 1 Sep 2011

Code: 06D01
Violation: 416.1, 416.2(d)

Citation: At approximately 0606 hours, while performing an scheduled review and observation component for the 01C02 procedure in the Chilling Department (Area#3), I noticed condensation on the ceiling, overhead structures, and gray pipes at Unit #1 (North end of chilling Department chickway line and ice auger), Unit#2 (Part Wash Station), and Unit #3 (five Bird Drops, and shackles). The heavily beaded condensations were directly over the product zone area. I immediately took a regulatory control action by stopping production in the Chilling Department. I rejected Unit#1, Unit#2, and Unit#3 with US Rejected Tag B39 801189 for unsanitary condition. I informed (First Processing Manager) and (Quality Assurance Manager) of my observations. After sanitary conditions have been restored and preventive measures were proposed, I relinquished the regulatory control action at approximately 0637 hours. There was thirty seven (37) minutes downtime involves with this noncompliance. There was no product involved with this noncompliance. Establishment management has received oral and written communication concerning this noncompliance. After reviewing the plant's Operational Sanitation record and GMP Monitor's record (Chilling Department) shows no entries documented prior to my observation of this noncompliance. A check of the plant's SSOP form (Chilling Department) shows no deficiencies for the above noncompliance. The department was released at 0510 hours for inspection. "[redacted] ." This document serves as a written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement could result in additional enforcement action described in 9 CFR part 500.


416.1 Each official establishment must be operated and maintained in a manner sufficient to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and to ensure that product is not adulterated.

416.2(d) Ventilation. Ventilation adequate to control odors, vapors, and condensation to the extent necessary to prevent adulteration of product and the creation of insanitary conditions must be provided.


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