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New Lee's Live Poultry Market

Address: 122 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Establishment No.: p4734

USDA Inspection Report: 30 Jul 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.5(a)(3)

Citation: AT approximately 0915 hrs observed the HACCP record for CCP#1 Fecal Contamination did not have a monitoring check recorded since 0700 hrs. The plants HACCP plan states that [redacted]. A pant employee immediately came over and began to fill out the monitoring record and documented that monitoring was performed at 0900 hrs although it was already 0915 hrs. Each entry on the HACCP record must be made at the time the specific event occurs. Upon my observation of the establishment's records since the introduction of a new HACCP CCP form on 07/15/11, I observed the following non-compliances; 1. verifier's initials are missing from verification procedures on the following dates and times; 07/18/11 CCP1: 9:00, 11:00,1:00 checks CCP2: 10:00, 11:40, 1:20 CCP3 : 10:00,1:40 07/20/11 CCP2: 9:10, 11:30 07/21/11 CCP1: 9:0007/22/11 CCP2: 9:00 , 11:30 CCP3: 10:10 07/23/11 CCP1: 11:05, 1:00 CCP2: 9:55, 12:20,1:20 CCP3: 10:10, 2:10 2.Preshipment review signatures are missing for lots produced on the following dates: 7/19 lot #6,and lot #7 7/25/11 lot # 5 7/26/11 lot #6 and lot #7 7/27 lot #6 7/28/11 lot #7 All CCPs were met for thr above lots, Mr. was immiediatly notified and shown these non-compliances with 417.5 (b) and 417.5(c)


417.5(a)(3) Records documenting the monitoring of CCP’s and their critical limits, including the recording of actual times, temperatures, or other quantifiable values, as prescribed in the establishment’s HACCP plan; the calibration of process-monitoring instruments; corrective actions, including all actions taken in response to a deviation; verification procedures and results; product code(s), product name or identity, or slaughter production lot. Each of these records shall include the date the record was made.


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