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New Lee's Live Poultry Market

Address: 122 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Establishment No.: p4734

USDA Inspection Report: 28 Apr 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation:  381.65(a)

Citation: At approx 0900 hours, CSI and SPHV while inspecting the freezer observed the following non-compliance: We found Fowl ova that was being collected, and stored in a "I love NYC" bags. We took regulatory control action and tagged the product with a U.S retained tag # B39598793. We immediately notified production supervisor of our findings, and he immediately disposed the bags of ova. "According to 9CFR 381.65(f), detached fowl ova may not be collected for human food unless they are going to an official egg product processing plant. Additionally, a federally inspected poultry plant cannot have a custom exemption, therefore ova at an official plant may not be collected "for personal use."


381.65(a) Operations and procedures involving the processing, other handling, or storing of any poultry product must be strictly in accord with clean and sanitary practices and must be conducted in a manner that will result in sanitary processing, proper inspection, and the production of poultry and poultry products that are not adulterated.


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