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New Lee's Live Poultry Market

Address: 122 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Establishment No.: p4734

USDA Inspection Report: 26 Jun 2010

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.2(c)(4), 417.4(a)(2)(i), 417.4(a)(2)(ii), 417.6

Citation: Today at 1030 hours, I performed unscheduled PBIS procedure 03J02. I observed the following noncompliance: Designated plant employees were not implementing product temperature checks as prescribed in the HACCP plan for monitoring CCP #3 (Giblet Chilling). The HACCP monitoring procedures stipulate that [redacted]. Over the course of 5hrs, I directly observed that plant employees did not perform the monitoring procedure. Product was retained with US Retain tag # B39907676 and manager, Mr. was immediately notified of the noncompliance. Mr. was able to prove that although the procedure for taking the temperature of one random sample for each batch was not followed, all of the giblets were chilled below degrees within one hour of evisceration. I verified his claim through direct observation and temperature verification finding that giblets were adequately chilled immediately after cleaning, within the two hour critical limit requirement. I was unable to find noncompliance with meeting critical limits; however, product was retained for failure to follow procedures as prescribed by the plant's HACCP plan. Mr. was notified that the regulatory control action would remain in effect until all parts of 9CFR 417.2(c)(4), 417.4(a)(2)(i-ii), and 417.6(b, d) were met. At 1045 hours, all parts of 9CFR 417.2(c)(4), 417.4(a)(2)(i-ii), and 417.6(b, d) for documentation were met and regulatory control over the product was relinquished. Establishment HACCP plan was signed and dated by Mr. on 01/08/2010. Continued failure to meet regulatory requirements will lead to further enforcement actions.


417.2(c)(4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits;

417.4(a)(2)(i) The calibration of process-monitoring instruments;

417.4(a)(2)(ii) Direct observations of monitoring activities and corrective actions;

417.6(b) Establishment personnel are not performing tasks specified in the HACCP plan;

417.6(d) HACCP records are not being maintained as required in 417.5 of this part;


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