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Bo-Bo Poultry Market

Address: 1131 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Establishment No.: p20138

USDA Inspection Report: 5 Mar 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.2(a)(2), 417.2(c)

Citation: At approximately 09:30 hours, I observed #20138 employees removing birds from the hang-back rack during operations and putting them back unto the production line without USDA re-inspection- [affected birds were not adequately re-processed]. US retain tag B39-593567 was applied to affected product. This violation was a failure to follow the HACCP flow chart and 9CFR 417.2(a)2 and 417.2(c)2. This evidence was shown to HACCP floor supervisor, [redacted] This NR is linked to NR#2-2011 dated 3/2/2011. Continued failure to meet regulatory requirements would lead to further enforcement actions.


417.2(a)(2) A flow chart describing the steps of each process and product flow in the establishment shall be prepared, and the intended use or consumers of the finished product shall be identified.

417.2(c) The contents of the HACCP plan. The HACCP plan shall, at a minimum: List the critical control points for each of the identified food safety hazards, including, as appropriate


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