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Sing Wah Live Poultry

Address: 115 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Establishment No.: p18860

USDA Inspection Report: 28 Mar 2011

Code: 06D01
Violation: 416.2(e)(4), 416.4(b)

Citation: At approximately 06:25 hrs. After the establishment performed their preoperational sanitation inspection and before the start of operations. I accompanied by Sanitation Manager Mr. [redacted] performed an unscheduled task code 06D01 1in order to verify that the establishment was meeting with regulatory requirements of 9CFR 416 .The following noncompliance's were observed. In the scalding/picking room, the underside of picker with organic buildup. The wall separating the eviscerating area from the picking room with feathers, and dried blood spots on several areas. In addition the hand sinks in room, with organic buildup on its underside .A U.S. Rejected tag NO. B39795332 issued to room. In the back area of establishment were cooler # 3 is located , the drain at the entrance of cooler , on floor clogged , feathers and fat particles surrounding drain . This area was also rejected and issued a U.S. Rejected tag N0. B37 014113.These areas were non food contact surfaces, nor were any product present in area at the time of inspection. These deficiencies were showed to Sanitation Manager Mr. [redacted] and informed verbally and in writing with this NR that the establishment was in violation of 9CFR 416.2 (e) -416.4 (b) in addition NR has been linked to NR's (0012-2010 dated 12/22/2010)=(0007-2010 dated 11/18/2010)=(0003=2010 dated 08/03/2010)=(0002=2010 dated 07/20/2010)=(0001=2010 dated 10/12/2010), and continued failure to meet regulatory requirements would lead to further enforcement action.


416.2(e)(4) Plumbing. Plumbing systems must be installed and maintained to: Provide adequate floor drainage in all areas where floors are subject to flooding-type cleaning or where normal operations release or discharge water or other liquid waste on the floor;

416.4(b) Non-food-contact surfaces of facilities, equipment, and utensils used in the operation of the establishment must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.


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