Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Address: 80 Brooks Rd, Ferndale, NY 12734
Establishment No.: p17966

USDA Inspection Report: 6 Feb 2012

Code: 03J02
Violation:  417.2(c)(4)

Citation: At approximately 1235 hours, at the time of reviewing the establishment's Slaughter HACCP Record, CCP #2B, Fecal Contamination Check and Chlorine Monitoring Form, dated 02/05/12 while performing the recordkeeping, verification activity, of a routine Slaughter HACCP task, observed the following. The initial monitoring for chlorine concentration documented as performed at 0600 hours with a concentration of [redacted] prior to the start of the evisceration process. The performance of the second chlorine concentration documented as performed at 0840 hours with a concentration of [redacted]. The day's evisceration process concluded at 0925 hours, and at which time the establishment performed the verification procedure, records review, noting acceptable findings. [newline][newline]The monitoring of the subsequent chlorine concentration monitoring exceeded two hours from the performance of the initial monitoring prior to start-up. [newline][newline]The establishments Slaughter HACCP plan signed and dated 01/20/11, section 4. Critical Limits, Monitoring, and Corrective Actions, page 2, under Monitoring Procedures/ Frequency Person Responsible states: "[redacted] ". [newline][newline]Production Supervisor, immediately notified verbally of the non-compliance. [newline][newline]This is a failure to meet 9 CFR 47.2(c)(4)


417.2(c)(4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits;


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