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Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Address: 80 Brooks Rd, Ferndale, NY 12734
Establishment No.: p17966

USDA Inspection Report: 20 May 2011

Code: 01C02
Violation:  416.15(a)

Citation: During the production shift on the date 05/19/2011 at approximately 1130 hours production management stopped production to address the issue of dripping moisture from the cooling unit located above the back end of the evisceration table. The dripping moisture was confined to one location and was dripping from the area near the pipe/elbow connection. Maintenance was notified and plastic sheeting was positioned to catch dripping moisture and to prevent the product/evis table from becoming contaminated. Inspector let production resume after the table was sanitized [redacted]. as part of the 03J plan for CCP # 2B carcass wash. On the date 05/20/2011 at the mid point of a five hour evis period Production Management stopped evisceration because moisture started dripping from a location different from the location of the previous day on the same cooling unit. The evis table was sanitized [redacted]. No product was involved but as noted earlier CCP #2 was next in the processing sequence. A drip pan was installed to catch the moisture dripping from the cooling unit. Plant Manager was notified at 1300 hours on this date that the facility was not in compliance with 9CFR 416.15(a) for not being able to make appropriate improvements in the execution of the sanitation SOPs thus not being able to correctly eliminate the recurrence of dripping moisture above the evisceration table from the previous days production. No product was retained.


416.15(a) Each official establishment shall take appropriate corrective action(s) when either the establishment or FSIS determines that the establishment’s Sanitation SOP’s or the procedures specified therein, or the implementation or maintenance of the Sanitation SOP’s, may have failed to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).


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