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Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Address: 80 Brooks Rd, Ferndale, NY 12734
Establishment No.: p17966

USDA Inspection Report: 3 May 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation:  417.5(a)(3)

Citation: During review of the 03J slaughter HACCP plan and records , it was determined that the 03J Slaughter HACCP plan for Est. # 17966P does not meet the requirements as stated in 9 CFR 417.5(a)(3) under 417.5 records as noted in part 417 HACCP systems. There are two HACCP plans in the facility under the 03J slaughter process (foie gras and small ducks). Both plans use form 2B to monitor CCP 2. Each has a different frequency for monitoring. The processing records on form 2B do not indicate which HACCP plan or product is monitored at each event. Also noted during review of both HACCP processes (03J slaughter and 03C raw not ground) that both HACCP processes use the same HACCP records for CCP 3B titled HACCP Form 3B for Refrigerated Storage Control. The records do not document what type of product was monitored therefore it is difficult to discern if the slaughter CCP 3B or raw not ground CCP 3B was monitored at each event. Operations Manager notified on this date at 1300 hours for the record keeping non compliances.


417.5(a)(3) Records documenting the monitoring of CCP’s and their critical limits, including the recording of actual times, temperatures, or other quantifiable values, as prescribed in the establishment’s HACCP plan; the calibration of process-monitoring instruments; corrective actions, including all actions taken in response to a deviation; verification procedures and results; product code(s), product name or identity, or slaughter production lot. Each of these records shall include the date the record was made.


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