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Wilson Beef Farms

Address: 10751 Hess Rd, Canaseraga, NY 14822
Establishment No.: m8855

USDA Inspection Report: 2 Dec 2011

Code: 03H02
Violation: 417.5(a)(3), 417.5(b)

Citation: At Approx:11:20 hours I observed the following Noncompliance while performing a 03H02 Heat Treated-Not Fully Cooked-Not Shelf Stable HACCP Inspection On Bacon lot 113011. [newline] [newline] There was no record for the CCP Chilling of the product Bacon lot 113011. The product was already packaged and the Pre-ship review was signed. [newline] [newline] I asked HACCP coordinator about it she told me to talk to QC. because he is the one that was in charge of recording the Chilling process. [newline][newline] I talked to Mr. , I asked if they used a data logger. He said no, I showed him the written records and the fact that there was no record of the bacon chill. [newline][newline]He told me that he checked the product but, he didn't record it. I told him to record what he did, so that I could check the cooling of the product to see that it was within the limits of Appendix B. [newline] [newline]The product went in to the cooler as usual that has a ambient temp of [redacted] F degrees. Mr. showed me the corrections to the record. The product was Chilled in [redacted] hours and [redacted] minutes. This was within the parameters of appendix B, which states in Establishment HACCP plan WBF-HACCP-005 page 8 of 9. [redacted]. [newline] [newline] Because the product was put in a cooler to chill with a ambient temperature of [redacted] F degrees after cooking and because the product was packed and placed in the holding freezer with a ambient temperature of [redacted] F degrees,[newline] No product was Retained. Further, no product was shipped yet as it was in the holding freezer at that time. [newline][newline]The above is in NonCompliance with regulation 417.5(a)(3),&417.5(b). [newline][newline] Plant management was notified of the above NonCompliance. [newline][newline]Review of past NonCompliance did not show any with the same root cause.


417.5(a)(3) Records documenting the monitoring of CCP’s and their critical limits, including the recording of actual times, temperatures, or other quantifiable values, as prescribed in the establishment’s HACCP plan; the calibration of process-monitoring instruments; corrective actions, including all actions taken in response to a deviation; verification procedures and results; product code(s), product name or identity, or slaughter production lot. Each of these records shall include the date the record was made.

417.5(b) Each entry on a record maintained under the HACCP plan shall be made at the time the specific event occurs and include the date and time recorded, and shall be signed or initialed by the establishment employee making the entry.

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