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Wilson Beef Farms

Address: 10751 Hess Rd, Canaseraga, NY 14822
Establishment No.: m8855

USDA Inspection Report: 17 Aug 2010

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.4(a)

Citation: At 0745 while performing a scheduled 01B02 pre-operational procedure the following non-compliance was observed. After getting verbal permission by Mr. to begin my inspection, I proceeded to the boning room. I began the inspection with eight blue lugs the establishment uses to transport product. Seeing that they were in satisfactory condition I proceeded to inspect the boning knives the establishment uses. These, too, were seen to be in good condition. I then proceeded to the grinder. It was immediately observed that the "throat" to the auger had a 2" by 1" meat smear on it. I immediately applied U.S. Rejected Tag #B3777859 to the grinder and showed Mr. Continuing my inspection of the grinder it was observed that the pan-guard had fat smears on the legs of the guard. Mr. was also shown this. This is a non-compliance with 9CFR416.4(a). Mr. immediately disassembled the grinder, cleaned and sanitized the parts in question, in my presences. After re-inspection, it was seen that the grinder was restored to a sanitary condition and the U.S. Rejected tag was removed from the grinder. I then proceeded to the patty machine, finding it in good condition I released the room to production. A review of the previous three months of non-compliance reports revealed no similar NRs. This document serves as written notification that failure to comply with regulatory requirements may result in further regulatory or administrative action.


416.4(a) All food-contact surfaces, including food-contact surfaces of utensils and equipment, must be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as necessary to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and the adulteration of product.


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