Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Champlain Beef Inc.

Address: 9679 State Rt 4, Whitehall, NY 12887
Establishment No.: m8547

USDA Inspection Report: 1 Mar 2012

Code: 01D01
Violation:  416.2(b)(2)

Citation: While conducting the establishments Food Safety Assessment, EIAO made the following observation. The floor in the boning room has cracks approximately 1/8 inch wide by 10-15 feet in length which run from the wall to the drain and are difficult to clean, thus creating an insanitary condition. The establishment is not meeting the regulatory requirements of 9 CFR 416.2(b)(2).


416.2(b)(2) Walls, floors, and ceilings within establishments must be built of durable materials impervious to moisture and be cleaned and sanitized as necessary to prevent adulteration of product or the creation of insanitary conditions.


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