Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Champlain Beef Inc.

Address: 9679 State Rt 4, Whitehall, NY 12887
Establishment No.: m8547

USDA Inspection Report: 30 Sep 2010

Code: 06D01
Violation:  325.13(a)

Citation: On 9/30/10 at approximately 1630 hours while performing a 06D01 procedure the following noncompliance was observed. I went out to the gut room to make sure that a cow condemned at ante mortem was injected with dye. I could not locate the cow so I asked an employee if he knew were it was, he said it was on the gut trailer. I asked if it was denatured , he said he did not know. I proceeded to open the two doors to get to the trailer door that was shut, I observed the cow in question and a inedible combo of bones from the days production were not denatured. This is a noncompliance of 9CFR325.13(a) and the plants own plan. I went and found and told him about my findings. injected the condemned cow and denatured the bones. This document serves as written notice that failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in further regulatory action. As always you have the right to appeal.


325.13(a) Carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products (other than rendered animal fats) that have been treated in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph shall be considered denatured for the purposes of the regulations in this part, except as otherwise provided in part 314 of this subchapter for articles condemned at official establishments.


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