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Cornell Cooperative Extension

Address: 350 Yaphank Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980
Establishment No.: m4675

USDA Inspection Report: 6 Oct 2011

Code: 04B04
Violation:  381.115, 381.116

Citation: On Thursday, October 6, 2011 at approximately 0800 hours while conducting pre-operational sanitation task the following non-compliance was observed. In the freezer to the right of the entrance there was a rack that contained five boxes with safe handling instructions and the word "chicken" written in black marker. While inspecting the contents of these boxes they contained loose chicken leg quarters. The product inside was not fully labeled (this being bulk product). I immediately informed plant designee of the non-compliance. He explained that during unloading of the product the pallet broke which destroyed the originating shipping container that contained the label. The unadulterated product was then transferred into a sanitary container where they wrote "Chicken" and placed a safe handling label on the box. This product has been retained with US retain tag #B39161277. You have not complied with the following regulations..9CFR381.115 Containers of inspected and passed poultry required to be labeled & 9CFR381.116 Wording on labels of immediate containers.


381.115 Except as may be authorized in specific cases by the Administrator with respect to shipment of poultry products between official establishments, each shipping container and each immediate container of any inspected and passed poultry product shall at the time it leaves the official establishment bear a label which contains information, and has been approved, in accordance with this subpart.

381.116(a) Each label for use on immediate containers for inspected and passed poultry products shall bear on the principal display panel (except as otherwise permitted in the regulations), the items of information required by this subpart. Such items of information shall be in distinctly legible form. Except as provided in 381.128, all words, statements and other information required by or under authority of the Act to appear on the label or labeling shall appear thereon in the English language: Provided, however, That in the case of products distributed solely in Puerto Rico, Spanish may be substituted for English for all printed matter except the USDA inspection legend.


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