Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Owasco Meat Co., Inc.

Address: 61 Oak Hill Rd, Moravia, NY 13118
Establishment No.: m4532

USDA Inspection Report: 27 Mar 2012

Code: 04C02
Violation:  313.15

Citation: At approximately 0715, during the knocking of the first animal, a Hereford steer lot #179, the animal was stunned using a captive bolt, the initial stun was innefective in rendering the animal unconcious, as the animal blinked, and vocalized. (kill floor employee) took immediate corrective action and restunned the animal, rendering it unconcious. Though not egregious this is a violation of 9CFR 313.15. No regulatory control action was taken, as immediate corrective actions were implied by the plant employee. The plant also has a history of consistent accurate stunning; therefore this non-compliance cannot be linked to previous non-compliances. I also reviewed the plant humane handling plan which includes knocking gun maintenance, which has been completed according to the plan.


313.15(a)(1) Application of stunners, required effect; handling. The captive bolt stunners shall be applied to the livestock in accordance with this section so as to produce immediate unconsciousness in the animals before they are shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut. The animals shall be stunned in such a manner that they will be rendered unconscious with a minimum of excitement and discomfort.


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