Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Owasco Meat Co., Inc.

Address: 61 Oak Hill Rd, Moravia, NY 13118
Establishment No.: m4532

USDA Inspection Report: 25 Aug 2011

Code: 01C01
Violation:  310.22(e)(4)(i)

Citation: While conducting a follow up to NR#FSD2707082725N / 2 as a directed SSOP task, I found the SRM log was not updated with a cow >30 months of age and being lot # 357, which was slaughtered on Tuesday 8/23/2011. I then proceeded to the holding cooler to physically examine the carcass to verify it had been clearly identified on the tag, which it was. failure to document SRM's daily is a non-compliance issue and was verbally explained to Mr. who then recorded all pertinent information. No regulatory control action was taken as the issue was rectified immediately, I also was not able to link this to another non compliance.


310.22(e)(4)(i) [Reserved]


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