Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Jerry Hayes Meats, Inc.

Address: RD1, Stratton Rd, Newark Valley, NY 13811
Establishment No.: m4488

USDA Inspection Report: 31 Aug 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.5(b)

Citation: On August 30, 2011 while visiting the establishment, at approximately 1505 hours I reviewed the Slaughter Inspection Report and the only species that was documented was 10 beef. On August 31, 2011 while reviewing this same record I noticed that it now had 1 veal and 35 goat documented. The time documented for monitoring of the CCP1B (Zero Tolerance) for the veal was 1500 hours, and the goat were documented at 1300 hours and 1430 hours. This would be a noncompliance as HACCP records are to be documented at the time the event occurs. Also on this record, there is no date documented on the top.


417.5(b) Each entry on a record maintained under the HACCP plan shall be made at the time the specific event occurs and include the date and time recorded, and shall be signed or initialed by the establishment employee making the entry. hhhhh


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