Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Jerry Hayes Meats, Inc.

Address: RD1, Stratton Rd, Newark Valley, NY 13811
Establishment No.: m4488

USDA Inspection Report: 24 Aug 2011

Code: 03J02
Violation: 310.22(e)(4)(i)

Citation: On August 23, 2011 while reviewing your SRM Identification and Removal Record (JHM-HACCP-FORM-010), dated 08/18/2011, I found the following noncompliances: The 3rd carcass that was slaughter, in the column that states "[redacted]" both boxes are checked and initialed, its still unclear as to which box is actually supposed to be checked. The 6th carcass that was slaughtered, in the column that states "[redacted]" both of the boxes are checked. The 7th and 8th carcasses that were slaughtered, in the column that states "[redacted] " both "no" are crossed out, and the "yes" box is checked, there are no initials to clarify the changes.


310.22(e)(4)(i) Recordkeeping requirements. (i) Establishments that slaughter cattle and establishments that process the carcasses or parts of cattle must maintain daily records sufficient to document the implementation and monitoring of the procedures for the removal, segregation, and disposition of the materials listed in paragraph (a) of this section, and any corrective actions taken.


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