Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Jerry Hayes Meats, Inc.

Address: RD1, Stratton Rd, Newark Valley, NY 13811
Establishment No.: m4488

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Jul 2010

Code: 01B01
Violation: 416.15(a), 416.15(b)

Citation: On July 22, 2010 while performing the above procedure, I have found the following noncompliance. According to your Response to Notice of Reinstatement of Suspension dated May 26, 2010, you state that "For those select carcasses where corrective actions may be taken, the temperature will be recorded on the Contaminated Carcass Form." According to your HACCP plan, it states that "[redacted] " Yesterday, there were carcasses that were contaminated, as identified by FSIS. Upon reviewing the records for yesterday, there is no Carcass Contamination Form. The same goes for July 6, 2010 when there were beef carcasses that were contaminated. On this form, there is to be a thermometer calibration preformed. As of today, there has been no documentation of this being done. Nor has this form ever been filled out. , Plant Manager has been informed of these noncompliance's in both writing and orally. This document serves as a written notification that failure to comply with regulations could result in further regulatory and or administrative actions.


416.15(a) Each official establishment shall take appropriate corrective action(s) when either the establishment or FSIS determines that the establishment’s Sanitation SOP’s or the procedures specified therein, or the implementation or maintenance of the Sanitation SOP’s, may have failed to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).

416.15(b) Corrective actions include procedures to ensure appropriate disposition of product(s) that may be contaminated, restore sanitary conditions, and prevent the recurrence of direct contamination or adulteration of product(s), including appropriate reevaluation and modification of the Sanitation SOP’s and the procedures specified therein or appropriate improvements in the execution of the Sanitation SOP’s or the procedures specified therein.


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