Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Hilltown Pork, Inc., New York

Address: 12948 Rt 22, Canaan, NY 12029
Establishment No.: m4018

USDA Inspection Report: 15 Dec 2011

Code: 03H02
Violation: 417.5(a)(1), 417.5(a)(2)

Citation: As a outcome of the Food Safety Assessment the following deviations were noted: [newline]03H HACCP [newline]- The establishment’s hazard analysis identifies pathogen presence as likely to occur in the process but the HACCP system is designed around preventing pathogen growth, not presence. While the hazard analysis outlines both presence and growth as likely to occur, there are no preventive measures or controls outlined to addressed presence and the establishment does not indentify why presence is an actual hazard in their system. The establishment does not have a HACCP plan or critical control points to address pathogen presence. This is with a noncompliance with 9 CFR 417.2 (a), 417.2 (b), and 417.2 (c) (2). [newline]- The establishment’s SOP describes that [information redacted]. The establishment has not been recording temperature of the whole bacon received. The establishment must follow the SOP as designed to support the decisions made in the hazard analysis in accordance with 9 CFR 417.5 (a) (1).[newline] - The establishments “SOP for [information redacted]” outlines that [information redacted], however, the establishment does not have a reference thermometer. In addition, the SOP does not outline a scientific, regulatory, or technical reference to support the [information redacted] procedures as written. These deviations are a noncompliance with 9 CFR 417.5 (a) (2). [newline]- The establishment’s hazard analysis identifies that [information redacted]. The establishment uses [information redacted] to prevent this hazard and lists that [information redacted]. Review of the monitoring records revealed that product temperature is only being monitored in the AM, but production occurs all day. The establishment cannot support the frequency of monitoring each lot, as they are only measuring temperatures in the AM. This is a noncompliance 9 CFR 417.5 (a) (1).


417.5(a)(1) The establishment shall maintain the following records documenting the establishment’s HACCP plan: The written hazard analysis prescribed in 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation;

417.5(a)(2) ) The written HACCP plan, including decisionmaking documents associated with the selection and development of CCP’s and critical limits, and documents supporting both the monitoring and verification procedures selected and the frequency of those procedures.


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