Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Hilltown Pork, Inc., New York

Address: 12948 Rt 22, Canaan, NY 12029
Establishment No.: m4018

USDA Inspection Report: 31 Aug 2010

Code: 03J02
Violation: 310.18, 417.2(c)(4)

Citation: At approximately 1430 hours while conducting the review and observation component of an unscheduled 03J02 procedure task subsequent the establishments verbal and noted acceptable result of Monitoring and Verification (Direct Observation) at CCP#1S (Final Wash) for Zero Tolerance I observed the following; while observing the same 5 swine carcasses previously monitored by establishment management which was verified through direct observation at the final rail for zero tolerance I observed one swine carcass with loose tan fecal smear with identifiable grain materials within the hip bone along the tail bone and one swine carcass with an approximate 1/8" X 1/4" brown fecal matter adhered to the inside ham portion (right hind leg). The establishment Slaughter HACCP plan for Swine signed and dated 1/6/10, page 12, CCP#1S states: "[quote redacted] " and page 16, CCP#1S states: "[quote redacted] ". HACCP/QC Manager, immediately notified verbally of the non-compliance. This is a failure of 9CFR 417.2(c)(4) and 9CFR 310.18(a). This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement(s) could result in additional regulatory or administrative action.


310.18 (a) Carcasses, organs, and other parts shall be handled in a sanitary manner to prevent contamination with fecal material, urine, bile, hair, dirt, or foreign matter; however, if contamination occurs, it shall be promptly removed in a manner satisfactory to the inspector. (b) Brains, cheek meat, and head trimmings from animals stunned by lead, sponge iron, or frangible bullets shall not be saved for use as human food but shall be handled as described in 314.1 or 314.3 of this subchapter.

417.2(c)(4) Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plan.  List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits;


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