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Grizzly’s Custom Cutting

Address: 10042 South River Rd, Hunt, NY 14846
Establishment No.: m21554

USDA Inspection Report: 3 Apr 2012

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.4(a)(2)(iii), 417.5(a)(1), 417.5(a)(2)

Citation: On April 2, 2012, while reviewing the results for the E coli O157:H7 first quarter samples and the establishments associated written prerequisite programs and HACCP plans during an unscheduled Slaughter HACCP Implementation Task at Establishment 21554M Grizzlys Custom Cutting, the following noncompliances were observed: First, the quarterly beef carcass swab for E coli O157:H7 that was submitted on 3/15/12 was tested by the lab for Generic E coli. When asked about this, Mr. stated that the lab ran the wrong test and informed FSIS that he would re-submit the sample for the correct testing. He submitted a second sample on 3/30/12. Mr. Informed FSIS on 4/6/12 that the lab said that the sample was but he did not have a report because the fax machine was out of ink. On 4/9/12 Mr. provided FSIS a report that showed a sample date of 3/30/12 and a date received of 4/2/12. Therefore, because the sample was not shipped overnight as per the plants program and supporting documentation, Mr. is unable to support the integrity of the sample at the time it arrived at the lab on 4/2/12, and the results are not supportable. Therefore, the plant failed to produce a valid sample result for the first quarter of 2012 (January 1-March 31). The plants written prerequisite program for E coli O157:H7 Verification (GCC-PRP-005, page 2-3) states that . . This is in noncompliance with 9CFR 417.4(a)(2) ongoing validation. Second, the Sample Submission form sent to the lab had conflicting dates: The (Date Submitted) section was documented by the establishment as 3/13/12, but the (Sample ID/Collection Date) in the sample information section for all samples (qt ground E coli, qt chuck IBP, and qt spong E coli) was changed by the establishment to 3/15/12 prior to submission. The final lab report states . The plant is unable to provide records to support the collection dates and that the samples were shipped overnight, and therefore the viability of the samples. The is used as support that , and therefore the decisions made in the HA are not supportable. This is in noncompliance with 9CFR 417.5(a)(1,2) recordkeeping. Third, the plant does not have a system in place for source traceability for any of the E coli samples (carcass swab, N60 chuck trim, ground beef) and there is no documentation of the product implicated by each sample. There is no documentation of the carcass which was sampled (owner name, slaughter date, or other identification) or the source/origin/supplier for the ground sample. The chuck trim sample (N60) states IBP, but no other information lot/package/pack date/volume implicated by sample lot is documented for traceability. The written E coli O157:H7 Verification Prerequisite Program (GCC-PRP-005) does not contain support or documentation of what the sampled lot represents i.e. there is no specified definition of a lot. The plants written program references the Grinding Raw Material and Formulation Reco


417.4(a)(2)(iii) Ongoing verification activities. Ongoing verification activities include, but are not limited to: The review of records generated and maintained in accordance with § 417.5(a)(3) of this part.

417.5(a)(1) The establishment shall maintain the following records documenting the establishment’s HACCP plan: (1) The written hazard analysis prescribed in § 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation

417.5(a)(2) The written HACCP plan, including decisionmaking documents associated with the selection and development of CCP’s and critical limits, and documents supporting both the monitoring and verification procedures selected and the frequency of those procedures.


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