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Grizzly’s Custom Cutting

Address: 10042 South River Rd, Hunt, NY 14846
Establishment No.: m21554

USDA Inspection Report: 1 Aug 2011

Code: 1.00E+01
Violation: 310.25(a)

Citation: At 1530 hours on August 1, 2011, while performing a Generic E-coli Verification Procedure, I observed the following noncompliance.

The Establishment has not collected and/or reported at least one Generic E-coli sample per-week since the first full week of June. Results are available for the first 4 samples taken 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, and 6/28. There are no results for weeks 5-9. The plant’s Generic E. coli Prerequisite Program (GCC-PRG-003) states that “[redacted].” Further, the establishment has not charted the most recent 13 results on a graph or process control chart. Plant management was made aware of this noncompliance and stated they would contact the lab to obtain the results. These issues are in noncompliance with 9CFR 310.25(a)(1)(i), 310(a)(1)(iii), 310.25(a)(2)(v)(A) and 310.25(a)(4).

Upon further inspection of the results by SPHV [redacted] it was determined that the plant is not following their written procedures. The Plant’s Generic E. coli program (GCC-PRG-003) states that “ [redacted].” According to plant records, samples taken 6/7, 6/14, and 6/21 were shipped on 6/21 and arrived at the lab on 6/22. Further, at the time of arrival, samples were [redacted] degrees Celsius, which is [redacted] degrees above the recommended [redacted] degrees Celsius. When asked, plant management stated they batched the samples to save money and were not aware of the effect it would have on the validity of the samples, and that they did not have support for the change in procedure. This is in noncompliance with 9 CFR 310(a)(1)(i) and 310.25(a)(2)(i).

Generic E coli performance standards are designed to verify the effectiveness of sanitation and process control in slaughter facilities.

The above noncompliances indicate failure to support that the process is under control.

Review of past noncompliances did not show any with similar cause.


310.25(a)(1)(i) Criteria for verifying process control; E. coli testing. Each official establishment that slaughters livestock must test for Escherichia coli Biotype 1 (E.coli) Establishments that slaughter more than one type of livestock or both livestock and poultry, shall test the type of livestock or poultry slaughtered in the greatest number. The establishment shall: Collect samples in accordance with the sampling techniques, methodology, and frequency requirements in paragraph (a)(2) of this section;

310.25(a)(2)(i) Sampling requirements. Written procedures. Each establishment shall prepare written specimen collection procedures which shall identify employees designated to collect samples, and shall address location(s) of sampling, how sampling randomness is achieved, and handling of the sample to ensure sample integrity. The written procedure shall be made available to FSIS upon request.


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