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Grizzly’s Custom Cutting

Address: 10042 South River Rd, Hunt, NY 14846
Establishment No.: m21554

USDA Inspection Report: 9 Aug 2010

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.2

Citation: At approx. 0810 hours while performing PBIS 04C02 Humane Handling and Anti-mortem inspection I and inspector [redacted] observes the following noncompliance. Pen No.3 had one Holstein Steer in it. There was no water available to this animal the water trough was empty . Pens 2 had one swine , there was water available to it. Pen 4 had one beef animal it also had water available to it. Pen 5 had one beef animal in it and it had water available to it. I rejected pen 3 with reject tag No 41007158. I rejected the Nock box with reject tag no B41007152. Management Kill Forman was informed of noncompliance above. Kill floor Forman immediately watered the animal in pen 3. Reject tag no. B41007152 was removed from Nock Box. The above is in noncompliance with 313.2(e). Review of Noncompliance for the past 3 months did not show any with same cause. This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in additional regulatory or administrative action.


313.2(e) Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens and, if held longer than 24 hours, access to feed. There shall be sufficient room in the holding pen for animals held overnight to lie down.


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