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Gold Medal Packing

Address: 8269 River Rd, Rome, NY 13424
Establishment No.: m17965

USDA Inspection Report: 24 May 2012

Code: 04B04
Violation:  316.9

Citation: On May 24, while observing incoming shipments at [redacted], I noticed that the formula fed veal just unloaded from Gold Medal had illegible markings.  I observed that there was not one mark of inspection that you could read. The marks were just a blue drippy smear. I knew that the carcasses came from Gold Medal and that they were inspected, but just blue smears on carcasses. Normally, Gold Medal restamps before the carcasses leave the plant. On May 25,  2012, I looked at Gold Medal's Pre-shipment Review Record.  In the space for the edible product properly labeled, it was checked with a check mark by In the space for product stamped, it was marked ok, by nbsp;I informed of the non compliance of  9 CFR 316.9. No product was adulterated.


316.9(a) Each carcass which has been inspected and passed in an official establishment shall be marked at the time of inspection with the official inspection legend containing the number of the official establishment.


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