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Gold Medal Packing

Address: 8269 River Rd, Rome, NY 13424
Establishment No.: m17965

USDA Inspection Report: 7 Jan 2011

Code: 04B04
Violation:  317.1, 317.2(b), 317.2(c)

Citation: Jan 7, 2010 at approximately 1540 hour, while placing untested residue samples in the offal cooler, I noticed that there was seven shelves with unlabeled product on them. The boxes of retained carcasses that I had released the day before were spread out on the shelves thawing but there was no labels on any of them to identify the product. The boxes that they were in were already trashed, so there is no identification telling what lot the carcasses were from. The employees from the boning room had already gone home for the day and the room was being cleaned. I retained the shelves with retained tag B39766318 on the rack with the bottom two shelves with unidentified product and retain tag B39766319 to the rack containing five shelves of unidentified product. I notified notified plant manager said that he would label them. I stated to that even though he put a boneless veal label on the product, he doesn't have record of the previous lots that the carcasses came from. This also brings up that Gold Medal does not have a tempering step in either the HACCP Plan For Raw, Not Ground Products(Further Processed) or the HACCP Plan For Raw Not Ground(boneless veal for non-intact purposes). Violation of 9 CFR 417.2(a)(2). Gold Medal's Further Processed flow chart does not account for frozen retained carcasses just refrigerated carcasses. What is the process exactly. Violation of 9 CFR 417-2(a)(1). Carcasses being thawed are from multiple slaughter and boning days. Past Similar NRs - Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: The HACCP designee and plant employees failed to label products that go into the cooler before the day's shift was over NR: 64-2010 dated 12/29/2010; NR: 45-2010 dated 9/29/2010; NR: 22-2010 dated 7/21/2010


317.1(a) When, in an official establishment, any inspected and passed product is placed in any receptacle or covering constituting an immediate container, there shall be affixed to such container a label as described in 317.2 except that the following do not have to bear such a label.

317.2(b) Any word, statement, or other information required by this part to appear on the label must be prominently placed thereon with such conspicuousness (as compared with other words, statements, designs, or devices, in the labeling) and in such terms as to render it likely to be read and understood by the ordinary individual under customary conditions of purchase and use. In order to meet this requirement, such information must appear on the principal display panel except as otherwise permitted in this part. Except as provided in 317.7, all words, statements, and other information required by or under authority of the Act to appear on the label or labeling shall app pear thereon in the English language: Provided, however, That in the case of products distributed solely in Puerto Rico, Spanish may be substituted for English for all printed matter except the USDA inspection legend.

317.2(c) Labels of all products shall show the following information on the principal display panel (except as otherwise permitted in this part), in accordance with the requirements of this part or, if applicable, part 319 of this subchapter:


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