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Gold Medal Packing

Address: 8269 River Rd, Rome, NY 13424
Establishment No.: m17965

USDA Inspection Report: 20 Oct 2010

Code: 03J01
Violation:  417.3(a)(1)

Citation: This date following a verification plan for Gold Medal Packing, Inc, Establishment # 17965 M, it was noted that the concentration critical limits was performed at plus/minus 0430 hours and verified plus/minus at this time. As per SVMO and FLS, verification cannot be performed prior to hours of operation. At plus/minus 1345 hours, I observed HACCP Asst. testing the concentration in the processing department. Several tests were performed with results ranging from ppm to ppm. These tests were taken over a period of 30 minutes time. During the time when the concentrations were found to be inadequate, employees in the processing room continued to bone out the carcasses, and spray and cryovac the meat. A Retained Tag # B20434553 was applied to veal product processed this date because the plant did not cease operations while the situation was being assessed.. HACCP Asst, HACCP Manager, and VP were notified. Adjustments were made to the delivery system and several more tests were performed resulting in readings ofppm to ppm. The adjustment that the plant made was to bring in the hose out of the offal room which runs off a different pump. Production Records were obtained from for product produced on 20 October 2010. Product was "run back thru" the system receiving the correct ppm spray finishing at 1630 The failure of the three sprayers to spray a correct concentration in the processing room is a failure of their HACCP Plan. Reference several previous NRs.


417.3(a)(1) - (a)The written HACCP plan shall identify the corrective action to be followed in response to a deviation from a critical limit. The HACCP plan shall describe the corrective action to be taken, and assign responsibility for taking corrective action, to ensure: (1) The cause of the deviation is identified and eliminated;


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