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Detroit Sausage Company, Inc.

Address: 2715 St. Aubin , Detroit, MI, 48207
Establishment No.: m10266

USDA Inspection Report: 25 Oct 2011

Code: 04801
Violation: 317.8

Citation: At approximately [redacted] entered the production area where the establishment was processing English  Brand  Pork  Bangers, IPP requested to review the establishments label that was being applied to the boxes, then IPP requested to review the establishments Washington approved label. IPP then requested to see the flour that was being used in the process. After reviewing the last batch of flour that was received in the establishment it was determined that the ingredients in the flour with toasted bread crumbs did not match the label applied to the boxes or the Washington approved label. The last batch contained eggs which was not listed.  IPP initiated  regulatory control action on 700lbs of product that was  produced with U .S.tag 81095538 as per (9CFR) Part 500.2(a)(2) Product misbranding . [redacted] was informed that a noncompliance would  be  issued  for failure to comply with  the above regulatory citation.


317.8(a) No product or any of its wrappers, packaging, or other containers shall bear any false or misleading marking, label, or other labeling and no statement, word, picture, design, or device which conveys any false impression or gives any false indication of origin or quality or is otherwise false or misleading shall appear in any marking or other labeling. No product shall be wholly or partly enclosed in any wrapper, packaging, or other container that is so made, formed, or filled as to be misleading.


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