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Detroit Sausage Company, Inc.

Address: 2715 St. Aubin , Detroit, MI, 48207
Establishment No.: m10266

USDA Inspection Report: 16 Sep 2011

Code: 04804
Violation: 318.l(c)

Citation: At approximately 0630HR [redacted] was in the holding cooler and the following noncompliance was observed: There were several types of ground sausages in tub, one of the tubs did not bear any identification.    retained product pending identification with U.S. tag#81095538. [redacted] was immediately informed. [redacted] was informed that a noncompliance would be issued for failure to comply with the above stated citation .


318.l(c) Every article for use as an ingredient in the preparation of meat food products, when entering any official establishment and at all times while it is in such establishment, shall bear a label showing the name of the article, the amount or percentage therein of any substances restricted by this part or part 317 of this subchapter, and a list of ingredients in the article if composed of two or more ingredients: Provided, That in the case of articles received in tank car lots, only one such label shall be used to identify each lot. In addition, the label must show the name and address of the shipper.


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