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Detroit Sausage Company, Inc.

Address: 2715 St. Aubin , Detroit, MI, 48207
Establishment No.: m10266

USDA Inspection Report: 17 Jun 2011

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.12(a), 416.13(b), 416.5(a)

Citation: At approximately 0806HR [redacted] was observing the employee practices of handling product and the following conditions were observed: An employee packed fresh pork sausages in a box and then picked up another box and began packing more product, the employee did not sanitize hands and/or gloves after handling product and and prior to handling the box. At this time [redacted] initiated regulatory control action as per (9CFR) Part 500.2(a)(1) Insanitary conditions or practices with U.S. Retain tag# 81095295. [redacted] was immediately informed [redacted] of the regulatory control action and the basis for the action [redacted] tated that he would tank the product in question (8lbs). II [redacted] verified the denaturant of the adulterated product.Again @ approximately 0845HR while waiting to conduct a weekly meeting observed the same incident where the employee hand led boxes and product without sanitizing their hands. Operations were immediately ceased by [redacted] and regulatory control action was again initiated as per (9CFR) Pa rt 500.2(a)[redacted] was again informed of the observation.[redacted] were informed that a noncompliance would be issued for failure to comply with (9CFR) Part 416.5(a)(l), 416.12 and 416.13(b).


416.12(a) The Sanitation SOPís shall describe all procedures an official establishment will conduct daily, before and during operations, sufficient to prevent direct contamination or adulteration of product(s).

416.13(b) Each official establishment shall conduct all other procedures in the Sanitation SOPís at the frequencies specified.

416.5(a) Cleanliness. All persons working in contact with product, food-contact surfaces, and product-packaging materials must adhere to hygienic practices while on duty to prevent adulteration of product and the creation of insanitary conditions.


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