Putting Glass Walls on Connecticut Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors:
Big Dog Meats, LLC

Address: 85 Prindle Rd, West Haven, CT 06516
Establishment No.: M5297 

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Nov 2011

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.13(c)

Citation: At approxamately 0800 hours I was informed by Foreman) that they were ready to start the days operations. The plants Pre-operational checklist indicated that everything was inspected and passed. I observed the following deficiencies: -Two dirty hose handles, one near the finished product wash area, and the other next to the bleeding area. Each hose handle had hair and dried particles of fat adhering to them. -The brisket saw (hand saw) had dried fat on both sides of the blade. These deficiences were from previous days operation. No US Rejected tag was applied because immediate corrective actions were taken to restore sanitary conditions. Mr. was informed that the observed noncompliances would be documented on an NR. 

Regulation: Receptacles used for storing inedible material must be of such material and construction that their use will not result in the adulteration of any edible product or in the creation of insanitary conditions. Such receptacles must not be used for storing any edible product and must bear conspicuous and distinctive marking to identify permitted uses.

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